Infrastructure Design

Infrastructure design requires bespoke solutions rather than the application of standard designs. Too often, these are expensive, unsafe or don’t represent best practice in environmental terms.

We approach infrastructure, therefore, in the same way as any other design – by working to understand individual project requirements and constraints.

The infrastructure group supplies skills in the planning and design of roads, parking and hard standing areas; drainage, sewerage (foul and surface water) and pollution control; earth retaining structures; public health engineering; water storage, distribution and irrigation. We can be appointed to undertake feasibility studies and will take projects through master planning, detailed design and specification to site supervision. Our work always includes short term / long term safety and environmental impact assessments.

When considering the cost-effectiveness of an option, we look beyond capital cost and buildability issues to whole life costs. We take into account the cost of loss of use, maintenance issues and the risks associated with premature failure. We aim to provide the best value for money. We therefore sub-contract some specialist tasks: topographic surveys, site investigations, traffic studies and road safety audits.