A Day in the Life

Daryl2Why I want to be an Engineer by Daryl Taylor.

What has been the highlight of the past last year?
The highlight of the past year was passing my exams for the Building Services Engineering course. As I had completed an apprenticeship in a different engineering discipline I found it very challenging trying to understand Mechanical & Electrical Engineering. As time has progressed on I have managed to develop my knowledge within the Electrical Department completing design phases from start to finish having a Senior Engineer to assist and mentor me throughout each.

Any exciting projects to note?
I have been working on a number of different projects at the moment, mainly student residence and office blocks; being responsible for the electrical design phases. Watching these projects progress onto the installation phase and getting the chance to see the design on site is exciting.

What do you enjoy most about being a part of the graduate scheme? (Or being a part of Bradbrook Consulting as a trainee).
Being part of the graduate scheme (G.A.T.E.S) has helped me to keep a log of everything I have accomplished over the past year that I can look back on and put towards a portfolio. Also, having the help from five different Senior Electrical Engineers has benefited me well with them passing their knowledge onto me.

How would you describe your journey over the past year and do you have any advice for our new graduates starting this year?
My journey over the past year has been tough but exciting, by completing a year of university and expanding my knowledge through the Electrical department, learning something new each day I progress. Being mentored by Martin, I listen to everything he explains about electrical engineering so the key for new graduates is definitely listening to any advice giving.

What are you most looking forward to in the future?
I am most looking forward to completing the B.Eng. Honours Degree and progressing through the company at Bradbrook Consulting. By the time I have finished the degree course I feel that I will have developed a good level of understanding of the Building Services Industry.


David TranterWhy I want to be an Engineer by David Tranter.

What has been the highlight of the past last year?
My highlight has been joining a team of very knowledgeable, friendly and experienced engineers.

Any exciting projects to note?
Two projects for the National Gallery have been particularly interesting as well as a small involvement in the new UBS headquarters in Broadgate.

What do you enjoy most about being a part of the graduate scheme? (Or being a part of Bradbrook Consulting as a trainee).
As well as being very capable and experienced, my team also has a very supportive atmosphere. People are willing to take time out to explain complicated systems or concepts. The regular meetings to discuss progress are also very important.

How would you describe your journey over the past year and do you have any advice for our new graduates starting this year?
A lot has happened in a year and I feel like I have learned an incredible amount. There is still a lot more to learn. Don’t be dissuaded if you feel overwhelmed by it all.


An introduction to our graduate Kevin Karikari.

My name is Kevin Karikari, I am 24 from London. I have recently begun a career in building services after spending two years in the beverage manufacturing industry. I am currently a Graduate Electrical Engineer with Bradbrook Consulting and I specialise in electrical engineering. I am part of the mission critical team within the London City office – The team deals with business critical elements for data centres and emergency support power for buildings etc.

I graduated from the University of Manchester with a MEng (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 2013. I had really enjoyed my degree and the areas it had introduced me to, I also enjoyed the many transferrable skills I learned during my time on the course. When I began my working life in manufacturing, I felt I wasn’t using the knowledge I had gained from my degree and wanted to develop my experience in order to specialise in the field I had trained in. I felt that building services would give me the opportunity to build on what I had learnt at university. The variation of the projects you become involved in; whether it’s working with suppliers on behalf of the client, designing a system, or even analysing a system and offering new recommendations to clients can be highly rewarding. To collaborate with people, from a variety of disciplines, to produce something as significant as a commercial building, data centre or laboratory, seemed very worthwhile and fulfilling and it ultimately aided in my decision to look into the field as a career.

When looking for opportunities in the industry I came across Bradbrook Consulting and reached out to their HR department. They were very open about their graduate scheme, GATES, and what they had to offer and what impressed me the most was the four-year plan that the scheme presented. They had an expectation that after this period, provided you work hard and seek knowledge, you would reach senior engineer status and have gained the experience to cover each of the CEng competencies.

Bradbrook Consulting supports our career development through various avenues. For example, the GATES scheme holds quarterly meetings with members of the HR team and Technical Consultants to discuss our individual development. We also check progress against the UK Engineering Specification for areas of focus, with a view towards Chartership.

I’m surrounded by an experienced and knowledgeable team who are happy to help and clarify things for me when I need assistance. Becoming a part of projects and shadowing some of the engineers when interacting with clients has also supported my development greatly. We also hold weekly Continued Professional Development (CPD) forums for engineers at all levels to keep abreast of the latest industry technology and standards.


An introduction to our graduate Dhiran Patel.

My name is Dhiran Patel and I am a Graduate Mechanical Engineer who has recently started a new career with Bradbrook Consulting.

My background is in mechanical engineering and as a result of completing a master’s degree in this area, I have developed a solid foundation of technical acumen and a high level of insight into the industry.

What attracted me to the building services industry was that it is project based. This means that every project would be different, offering a unique opportunity to solve varying problems related to many different projects. To me, building services offers the prospect of diversity and exciting challenges.  As projects develop, the work required develops, so no two days are the same.

It is also an essential industry that many take for granted. There is a lot of work that goes into bringing buildings to life, and every detail needs to be designed. New developments and continual refurbishments are ever present; making it a sustainable industry to be a part of, with a continual demand on engineers like myself. Building services involves a lot of innovation and growth to meet changing demands; this involves implementing new technology to meet new challenges such as using sustainable design and implementing renewable energy.

As a graduate engineer, Bradbrook Consulting offers a fantastic opportunity to develop your industrial experience which is then tracked and reviewed on a quarterly basis. They also help you towards the path of achieving Chartership status with a variety of institutions. This is what really appealed to me when I was introduced to the company and their graduate scheme during a graduate careers fair at my university.
Bradbrook Consulting is also a sizable organisation who deal with a number of well-known clients across the UK and internationally. The relationship the company has with some of the world’s largest organisations really impressed me and inspired me to be the best engineer I can be.

I have already had many highlights within my time at Bradbrook Consulting, some of which have been seeing the building I am designing first-hand and seeing the progress of the project. A major, although small and personal highlight, was a design decision that I was able to provide. Solving a problem and coming up with a solution amongst some very senior and highly respected engineers was extremely rewarding.

The best thing about my role is that I deal with a variety of projects and different teams which has given me great exposure to the industry. I have also become responsible for important elements of projects which has really made me feel like a valued part of the team. As well as on the job learning, Bradbrook Consulting organises CPD training meetings which are great as they teach you about the industry and what technology is currently out there. Additionally, I have been introduced to a variety of institutions with whom I can pursue Chartership with – This is all done with the support of the graduate training programme.